Friday, 31 October 2008


Seek, and i shall find.... myself
Under a stone with faded ladybug wings
Secreted behind a veiled face
Every way, every direction
Rain bowed colours, merely distractions from
Distracting from....
Holding on to slippery grasses
Mired in sluggish trails
Easily avoided but....
Oh, the temptation
It will arise again?
A nice, kind (of) anxiety
Foolishly endured
Dry ground but, an absent step
Away.... a leap too far?
A futile faith
Hope in the eyes of ages
Every age, ever present....
Has been passed
By, and now?
Receiving hands weak, procures
Wearily entrusts, once more
Just once?
Draw on those wings for they will not fly
Don the shroud and sojourn labyrinth
Possess the disguise of vivacity
Beneath the graved stone.

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