Wednesday, 29 October 2008

No Stars in the Night....

Life is but an entrapment my friend. How beautifully presented, what promise.... It is both given and taken in one breath, in one spoken word. Is your life your own, to do with as you please, is it yours to live, to enjoy, to fulfil or to end? Oh, it is appreciated. The work of an artist, the words of a writer. The inspiration to take part to enrich the gift? To belong and be a part of.... to be accepted and appreciated. An ideal. Extinguished, the flame of hope and you my friend.... Where are you? Did you share this life with me? A promise so dear. And it is broken....

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  1. I see it in a much different way:
    When you fall in love, you must not give all your heart and soul to the person you're in love with. Keep something to yourself, a tiny thing that will help you continue when fireworks end. Because it will end, eventually. One way or another.
    Be prepared for the worst possible result so,when it comes you just say "so what, I was expected it anyway". If the worst won't come, and comes the best,then the joy you'll feel will be much stronger. I don't write well in English,you know that. I hope you understood what I mean.