Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Untied.... uncertain stories with faceless tales.
Never a stone placed so distant.
Remains the pieces, remains the same.
Owned by none, no maker or mason
just the bureaucracy of a selfish nation.
A historical text out of context....
Take them home to where they belong.
The purpose they serve
A moment in time, frozen.


  1. Give them back you horrible english! :) Things,people,animals...they all belong to the place they were born.

  2. Not all English are horrible Leyki.... but if that's what your opinion is, you are welcome to it!!

  3. I do not think that all english are horrible. But those who keep the marbles in a Museum much far from where it should be,in order to to "keep it safe from polution",yes, they are horrible. Everything happens for profit, so... On the other hand...maybe something like Parthenon Marbles,needs to be protected by certain horrible greeks who would do anything for profit.