Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Picnic on Daisy Mountain....

Take me to your place my dear
It is where i want to be
Show me all the wonderous sights
Show me all there is to see
Let me hear you laugh my sweet
It is the sound i long to hear
The music in the mountain breeze
Your warm breath in my ear
Surrender to me your body my love
And i will search within your soul
May our spirits be entwined as one
And make love, be our goal
Entrust me with your gift so precious
Yield to what you believe
Present our senses with enjoyment
And with devotion, we'll conceive
Give me the scent of daisies honey
Give yourself all to me
And i will give to you, my life
All you desire, with my key.
(Photo by Thincat)

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