Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Meeting the Publisher....

Mr. Barrie (B:) - Writer
Mr. Travorsky (T:) - Publisher
Secretary (S:) - Secretary
Guest (G:) - Guest

S: Mr. Travorsky, there is a Mr. Barrie here to see you.
T: ........ Yes.... er.... send him in.
S: You sound a bit rough sir, i do hope you are not getting the flu........ Mr. Travorsky will see you now, please enter.
*Mr. Barrie enters the plush office-come-second, third or fourth home. He sees a rather 'young' man standing, staring out of the panoramic windows*
B: Mr. Travorsky?
T: Er.... n.... yes........ Take a seat.... er....
B: Mr. Barrie.... I have an appointment!
T: Appointment, yes, of course........ You're late!
B: Actually I'm...
*Mr. Barrie is rudely interrupted by Mr. Travorsky*
T: Sit.... Sit........ and I'll sit too. On my er.... lovely, comfortable chair here!
*The two men sit, contemplating one another suspiciously*
T: So what are we here for Mr. Br.... Bo....
B: Barrie.... as in J. M. Barrie.
T: Jamboree?! Ha, ha, ha.... Jamboree.
B: My book 'Sweet Potatoes'.... You wanted to....
*Mr. Travorsky interrupts again*
T: Ah, yes, let me just get it up on the screen.
*Mr. Travorsky taps the keyboard in front of him in a nonchalant manner. A recipe for 'Green Spaghetti' appears on the screen which is out of Mr. Barrie's eye line*
T: I've read better Mr. Boree.... I've read worse too! I remember a story about a goldfish and an egg, ha ha ha.... Er, yes.... er....
B: You don't like it?
T: It's not that i don't like it........ It's the book-buying public.... They won't like it! They won't get it! A story about potatoes?!
B: It's about chocolate.... and the demise of the human race!
T: No-one ever died eating chocolate Mr. Boree. You're wasting your time.
B: Then i am sorry for wasting your time Mr. Travorsky, very sorry indeed.
*Mr. Barrie, reluctantly leaves the office, glancing back to see Mr. Travorsky spinning round on his luxurious, swivel chair. Mr. Travorsky enters his office from the adjoining bathroom*
T: Who was that you were talking to Greaves?
G: No-one sir.... Just talking to myself.... no-one special.
T: I have a Mr. Barrie coming to see me shortly, in fact he's a bit late! I didn't think he was the type to be late! Oh well, he is a very rare, raw talent. I'd like you to sit in on this meeting Greaves, you could learn a lot from him. In the meantime could you arrange some tea and biscuits please.

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