Monday, 10 November 2008

Interview with a Worm....

Q. From that low down, dear worm, how do you know where you are?
A. From this low down, i see everything above me.
Q. How do you know what direction to travel in?
A. The sun guides me through the day, the stars at night.
Q. Do you have a destination?
A. My destination? To be where i am.... and to wait for the rain which, hopefully, won't drown me.


  1. How do worms multiply? Do they have sex? Do they find a lady worm and get married? Do they have little cute warms to raise? Do they wait for their retirement? If they are drown a rainy day, could they have a proper funeral?....

  2. Worms are hermaphrodites, they have both male and female sexual organs. Yes they do have sex, they enjoy the best of both worlds!! The baby worms develop in a 'lemon-shaped' coccoon and hatch as tiny replicas of their parents. Indeed, they are very cute!! BTW this is the cutest question i have ever been asked :-) As for their funerals.... Certain creatures that fly 'carry' them to the sky and eventually 'deliver' them to their place of rest where they nourish the earth for future worms.

  3. So....all they need, is themselves... Not funny at all...!